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About us.

Guide Dogs Stockholm works closely with Göta Hund AB in Gothenburg (www.gotahund.se), Expose Ledarhundar AB in Dalarna (www.ledarhundar.se), and DISA Dogs AB in Helsingborg (www.disadogs.se). Together, we own Assistanshundskolan i Sverige (Swedish Assistance Dog Academy), run a joint breeding program and train assistance dogs throughout Sweden. All co-owners in Assistanshundskolan also train and deliver guide dogs to Synskadades Riksförbund (Swedish Alliance for the Vision Impaired).

Guide Dogs Stockholm delivers both non-trained and trained assistance dogs for many differents jobs. It can be a dog for a person with a vision impairment, a psychiatric diagnosis, diabetes or physical disability.

I have previously trained guide dogs and their handlers but am currently focusing on assistance dogs in Sweden. I also work a lot in Malta, where I have trained several guide dogs and handlers together.

Guide Dogs Stockholm has a small puppy-raising section and is occasionally looking for serious and responsible people to take care of a future assistance dog.

I am a qualified Orientation and Mobility instructor, educated at La Trobe University in Melbourne, and have an internationally recognised guide dog instructor education from Guide Dogs Victoria in Melbourne.

I also teach at Hagabergs Folkhögskola in Södertälje.