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Guide Dogs Stockholm is a member of Assistanshundskolan i Sverige (Swedish Assistance Dog Academy). ASH is an economic association run by DISA AB, Expose AB, Guide Dogs Stockholm and Göta Hund AB, with Omsorg och Assistanshundar in Skåne as sub-contractor. The companies that make up Assistanshundskolan have many years of experience in choosing and training assistance dogs of the highest quality and have trained numerous guide dogs, assistance dogs and handlers.


Assistanshundsskolan (Swedish Assistance Dog Academy) consists of:

Top, from the left
Emmelie Reinson, Guide Dogs Stockholm
Anette Johansson, DISA
Jennie Lindhé, Omsorg och Assistanshundar i Skåne

Bottom, from the left
Jenny Lindgren, Expose AB
Carin Sandersnäs, Göta Hund AB

Apart from guide dogs, service dogs, signal dogs and alert dogs are common in Sweden and the rest of the world.

For more information about assistance dogs, please visit Assistanshundskolan’s website.