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Guide Dogs Stockholm breeds and trains guide dogs.


Guide Dogs Stockholm offers dogs for people with a disability. We only have a small number of dogs available and are down sizing so if you wish to purchase a dog please give us plenty of time to locate the right dog for you. 


You can either buy a fully trained dog or one that you can train yourself, with or without the assistance of an instructor. All dogs that are for sale have passed the Swedish Kennel Club’s tests for dogs that will be trained to become guide dogs. Read more here: http://www.skk.se/hundagande/assistanshundar/


Guide Dogs Stockholm offers courses and professional development to people who work in the fields of rehabilitation, Orientation and Mobility and Guide Dog Mobility.


I offer advice and support to councils and county councils who want to prescribe a guide dog to assist someone.


I can be booked to hold lectures about guide dogs and assistance dogs.


I offer courses and private training in Orientation and Mobility and Guide Dog Mobility to people with a vision impairment.


I work both in Sweden and internationally.


Guide Dogs Stockholm is one of the co-owners of Assistanshundskolan i Sverige (Swedish Assistance Dog Academy).


On this website, you can read about guide and assistance dogs, about becoming a puppy raiser, about Orientation and Mobility and contact me.


A couple of times each year, I offer companion dogs for sale.


Emmelie Reinson Egelberg

Guide Dogs Stockholm


Glad Påsk! Happy Easter!


Kurs i Orientering och Förflyttning


Under våren kommer jag att hålla kurs i Orientering och Förflyttning för yrkesverksamma inom synhabilitering/rehabilitering. Kontakta mig om du önskar mera information.



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